Soldering Iron

TMT-9000S soldering iron
The unit uses an RF induction system to heat the tip, with the temperature accurately controlled by the Curie temperature of the tip.
Tips can be replaced by switching off the unit and sliding the tip in and out of the headpiece. Handle hot tips with the silicone pad. The unit currently has M series tips (temperature set-point between 350°C - 398°C). No temperature adjustment on the unit is required prior to use. The LCD display indicates the RF power supplied to the tip. The mains power supply to the unit is controlled by a timer which switches off the power supply after 30 minutes of use. The timer can be enabled by pressing the green button on the unit attached to the power cable. Common issues are:- Tip not fully inserted (it should click into place).- Slider switch to select the headpiece incorrected set.- Timer for the mains power supply timed out.- Power switch on the unit not set.
TMT-9000S user manual