Sharpening Stones


Training optional, but you must feel confident in the use of the device and must have read the equipment instructions.

  • Trouble Ticket - Report any issues here. Please check the information below first.


Makespace has a collection of equipment that can be used in conjunction with the Tormek for the sharpening of tools such as plane blades and woodworking chisels.

  • Veritas MK.II Honing guide

  • Veritas MK.II Narrow head - allows for clamping of chisels or other narrow tools

  • Veritas MK.II Camber roller - allows for repeatability when adding a camber to a plane blade

  • Diamond stone in 600, 1200 and 4000 grits - can be used in conjunction with the honing guide above to sharpen tools

  • Spray bottle with honing fluid used to lubricate the stones above. It contains an additive to prevent rust

If you are unsure how to use the equipment ask for a demonstration by emailing

Veritas Honing guide overview

Narrow head overview

Chisel Sharpening

Matt uses Waterstones rather than diamond stones but the general principles of establishing a primary bevel and then refining a secondary bevel on the stones still apply

Plane blade sharpening

Paul does everything by hand but the principles are always the same. Alternatively see the following link for a Tormek and stones approach