Electronics Space


The electronics space can be used for:


See the sub-pages for more info on the electronics equipment available at Makespace.

Orange equipment

Green equipment 


Green equipment
Online training material is available on the Equipment pages. 

Orange equipment
Users are required to read through the online training material on the Equipment pages and familiarise themselves with the health and safety information.

It may be possible to arrange ad-hoc training by contacting the Owners.  

Health & Safety 

Key risks 

Some general guidance to reduce these risks is given below but members should read the relevant training materials. 

Electrical equipment 


Live working 



A limited supply of consumables is available including solder wire, equipment wire, resistors / capacitors and heat shrink. Users should consider purchasing their own consumables if using in volume. Contact the Owners if you think something is missing. 

Cleaning up

After finishing work: 


Report any issues here. 

Report minor injuries here.

Call 999 if needed.

Phones are next to both doors.

First aid kit is at the sink.