Owners Teams and Contacts

Owners are positioned such that they can make decisions about how their area operates and evolves, and are a key part of driving and expanding capabilities at Makespace.

Hence  Owners are organised in teams with authority to:

Contact Information 

3D Printers -  3dprinters@makespace.org

Form 3 Resin Printer  -  resin_printer_owners@makespace.org

Art Space -  artspace-owners@makespace.org

Bike Space -  bikespace-owners@makespace.or 

CNC -  cnc-owners@makespace.org

Craft Room -  craftroom-owners@makespace.org

Events/Classroom -  Team Needed

Electronics Bench -  electronics-owners@makespace.org

Fine Metals Bench -  Fine_metal-owners@makespace.org

Glass working and kiln -  Glass_working-owners@makespace.org

IT/Database -  it-maintainers@makespace.org  or membership_database_team@makespace.org

Kitchen -  owners@makespace.org

Laser Cutter -  Laser_cutter-Owners@makespace.org

Metal Shop -  metal-shop-owners@makespace.org  

Studio -  Team Needed

Wood Lathe -  wood-lathe-owners@makespace.org

Wood Shop -  woodshop-owners@makespace.org

If you are an Owner or Trainer, you can see who has completed training or is waiting for a Practical at the Trainer's Website. 

Join the Owners, become a trainer

To become an owner contact the relevant team.  To start a new team, contact Management@makesapce.org 

Owners must be authorised by the Directors,  which is done via the Owner's Agreement and only on the recommendation of the existing Owners.   All trainers are first owners but must also be trained as a trainer on specific Red equipment and have that training recorded in the membership database.  Talk to your Owners Team to become a trainer. 

More details about the Owner's Teams and their infrastructure can be found here.

See the Current Trainers page for a list of those members currently authorised to train on Red Equipment