Drill Press Jig


Members only may use this equipment on the drill press. 

Key Information

Report any issues here. 

Report minor injuries here.

Call 999 if needed.

Phones are next to both doors.

First aid kit is at the sink.

No Training is required to use this equipment 

Drill Press Jig Instructions 

The drill press jig is for positioning and holding work while it is being drilled.   The jig had two key features.  The first is a fence with stops against which the work piece can be places with support on two sides.   The second feature is rails on the other three sides which accommodate several types of clamps.


NOTE: This is an ongoing development project.  Please suggest, or make, improvements.   Please post to the Woodshop Club your ideas.


Fits on the Existing drill plate

The jig is sits on a plywood hoder which sits on the drill press plate.  Its fuction is to posistion and hold the the jig firmly with respect to the drill.  

Can be removed easily  

To remove the jig holder lift it.  It is a friction fit. The holder has two positioning pieces which extend into slots on the drill press plate.   The holder can be removed or replaced by moving vertically. 

The jig sits ontop of the holder

When the holder is in place the jig fit over the raised portion of the holde.  The vertical fitting on top of the jig should be at the back, next to the piller. 

The jig is can be postioned on the holder  

 The vertical fitting on top of the jig should be at the back, next to the pillar. The jig can be to positioned near the piler for a drill position more central.

Slide forward to posistion the dill closser to the fence

The work piece can be postioned against the fence 

Stops can be fitted to the fence to position the work piece left or right. 

Multiple stops and clamps can be fitted

The work can be held on multiple sides using stops fitted to the fence and a back fence held by finger tight screws in the side rails.  

Adjust the depth of the drill

Use the vertical stops on the drill to stop the drill from over penetrating the jig base. 

The intention is to fit a sacraficial insert which can be replaced. 

Clamping to the drill press base

If extra stability is required the jig can be clampted to the metal drill press base from the underside of the jig rails. 

Fitting the clamps

The screws fit in the rails on the top and bottom of the rails and at the face of the fence.  The clamp is tightened with eithers screw heads, wing nuts or threaded knobs.  Each rail has one open end. Note parallel rails open on opposite sides of the jig.