CNC Model Mill Training


You must must pass this training to use this Equipment 

Please study this page in full, then proceed to the training section at the end

Copy of 00 Roland MDX40 Model Mill Introduction


Copy of 01 CNC Model Mill Training Scope

Training Outline

Makespace Safety

Copy of 02 CNC Model Mill Health & Safety

Equipment Safety

Equipment Training

Copy of 03 CNC Model Mill Setup
Copy of 04 CNC Model Mill 2D Engraving
Copy of 06 CNC Model Mill Conclusion
Copy of MDX 40A SIMPLE 2D CUT GUIDE.docx.pdf

Manufacturer's 2D Milling Guide

Please complete these steps to be authorised as a user of the equipment

1. Study this page contents in full

All the information on this page is important - please ensure you allocate the time and attention to work through it properly

2. Take the Makespace General Safety Quiz

3. Take the CNC Model Mill Training Quiz

4. Take the Practical demonstration

At your practical demonstration the trainer will confirm that you have absorbed the necessary information and authorise you to use the equipment.

Note: Before you book your hands-on practical safety demonstration with a trainer, you must score 100% on the two quizzes; the General Makespace Safety quiz and the equipment specific operations quiz. You may retake both quizzes but do review the materials before doing so. The objective is to learn the safe and effective operation of the equipment. When you have scored 100% on both quizzes please see the next section of this course to book your hands-on practical demonstration with a trainer.

Copy of 05 CNC Model Mill Hands on Assessment

Practical Assessment

If there is no practical scheduled there, please email:

Lastly please keep in mind that all the trainers at Makespace are volunteers. They, like all Makespace members, give their time to continually improve our community. Do not hesitate to ask for training, or indeed any questions, but please be patient as they make time in their schedules to run the practical assessments.