Project Pages

This is the home for projects and other member contributed materials. There are several sections for specific types of content:

Taught Projects

Taught Projects are classes provided by members for the benefit of other members, they provide step by step instructions and assistance to make a particular thing. You don't have to be an expert to be able to provide a taught project, you just need to know something which is of use or interest to other memebers.

Taught Progects For Absolute Beginners

"For Absolute Beginner" tutorials are intended as an introduction aimed at members with no previous experience as a way of finding out about a new craft or activity. Attending a FAB tutorial could be the start of a lasting interest in a new skill or just a fun way of trying something new, there is no expectation that the tutorial will lead to anything, although we hope you will learn something new and have fun.

How To's

How To's are short tutorials which explain how to do something you might want to do at Makespace.

DIY Projects

DIY Projects are complete projects you can do yourself, at Makespace.