Brother PR680W 6 Needle

Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Machine Safety Sheet

Key Information

Report any issues here. 

Report minor injuries here.

Call 999 if needed.

Phones are next to both doors.

First aid kit is at the sink.

You must pass this course and the practical before using this equipment.


The Brother PR680W 6 Needle Embroidery Machine is a machine which does embroidery, with 6 needles.

What can you make using the Embroidery Machine?

Tee Shirts


Makespace Swag


Which thread can I use with the embroidery machine?

Makespace stocks the approx. 63 Brother colour threads which are programmed into the machine by default. We also stock some metallic thread. You can use these threads free of charge.

You’re welcome to bring your own thread. The brand we stock is Simthread, which can be bought online, for example here. Brothread is another popular brand.

If you buy thread, make sure that it is suitable for the size 75/11 embroidery needles which the machine uses. This is usually the case for Simthread/Brothread polyester embroidery thread, but not necessarily for some specialty thread.

What if I want to embroider thicker thread?

Certain thick specialty thread, such as wool or cotton, won’t work with the size 75/11 needles we have at Makespace.

If you’d like to embroider thicker thread, it is possible to use Schmetz 130/705 H-E size 90/14 needles. Please contact the owners team at before attempting to do so.

Be aware that only “130/705 H-E” needles are supported by the embroidery machine; the use of different needles can break the auto threader or the machine, and increase the risk of needle breakage.

Do I have to pay for stabiliser and thread?

No, you can use all stocked materials free of charge :) Please let the owners team know if stock is running low, either via the paper form next to the embroidery machine, or via email

What software can I use to create my own designs?

Any software that can export to the supported files formats (.pes, .phc, and .dst) can be used to create embroidery designs for the machine. More information on supported files can be found on the official website.

External Resources

The Manufacturer's Website page for this machine contains detailed information about the machine and how it can be used.

The Brother Sewing Craft site is a companion site with lots of ideas and links to download the Artpira mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Member Contributed Resources

by Andy Burrows

Using the Brother PR680W it is possible to make patches which can be ironed or sewn onto garments, bags, etc. Patches are a good option when the item you wish to apply an embroidered design to is not suitable for direct embroidery. Also patches are fun as gifts, prizes, etc.