Pfaff 591 industrial sewing machine

The information below is being updated to describe our new sewing machine - Check back soon or contact the craft room owners for more information. 

Pfaff industrial sewing machine Safety Sheet

Key Information

Report any issues here. 

Report minor injuries here.

Call 999 if needed.

Phones are next to both doors.

First aid kit is at the sink.

You must pass this course and the practical before using this equipment.


Link to information  Coming Soon


Link to information Coming Soon


Pfaff Industrial Sewing Machine 34-705/03 AL.pptx

Recommended for heavy duty sewing such as denim and thin-medium thickness leather. 

The Makespace training deck covers the basics of using the machine. 

Pfaff Industrial Sewing Machine 34-705/03 AL.pptx