Badge Maker

Badge Maker

Key Information

Report any issues here. 

Report minor injuries here.

Call 999 if needed.

Phones are next to both doors.

First aid kit is at the sink.


The badge maker makes 58mm badges. It lives in a box in the art space area.


The Badge Maker is green equipment so no training is required however if you need help using it please contact the maintainers.



Bags of supplies are available, each bag costs £2 and contains enough parts to make 10 badges. You can pay for your supplies on the payment terminals.


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The badge maker is not hard to use but there are a few things you need to get right to get good results. Make sure you read the instructions below (or the ones in the badge maker box) before attempting to use the equipment.

Getting Started

You will need:

Assemble the press

Cut out the artwork

Step 1

Step 2