Woodworking Handtools Cabinet

Woodworking Hand tools Safety Sheet

Key Information

Report any issues here.

Report minor injuries here.

Call 999 if needed.

Phones are next to both doors.

First aid kit is at the sink.

You must pass this course and the practical before using this equipment.


  • Woodworking hand tools can be used for marking, measuring, cutting, carving or planing/flatenning solid timber.

  • These traditional tools have for the most part been used for woodworking for centuries before power tools became popular in the mid 20th century

  • They can be used on their own or in combination with power tools

  • You should consider using them when:

    1. you want the joy of producing something completely by hand;

    2. you want lower levels of noise, dust and risk to yourself and others;

    3. a cut cannot be made safely using a power tool/machinery;

    4. flattening boards before passing them through the thicknesser;

    5. When cutting/finessing joinery;

    6. In may other situations…too many to cover on this course

What can you make using the hand tools?

Tea box in English Cherry, panga panga and ebony wood

Bedside table in English Ash and English Oak

Makespace handtool cabinet. Made with the tools within